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  • Time off tracking
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • People analytics
  • Employee performance

Track time off requests, at any time

Make it easy for employees to request time off, and simple for managers to track who’s out and when.

Choose among different types of time off requests, like work from home, vacation, and sick days, or create your custom ones.

Set the right location and timezone for your remote team members, and get notified about upcoming public holidays, too. And use smart filters on your calendar to find out who’s out from a specific department or location at a glance.


Bringing talent in can be a headache. Especially if you need the role filled fast. But what if you could skip the long and tedious hiring process?

Attract the right people, right from the start. Create a custom careers page to showcase how your way of work is truly one of one. Then, generate a job description in no time with AI, tweak it as you want, and set clear hiring stages before advertising the role.

And, when applications flood in, handle them in just one click, send the offer, and start onboarding your new hire. All without copying employee data or jumping between platforms.

Hire your dream team
Simplify onboarding

Stop worrying about forgetting a task, and make your new hires’ first days at work unforgettable.

Offer a consistent onboarding experience, and save time, by automating all essential steps of the process. Remind your IT to give new employees access to necessary tools, deliver equipment on time, and schedule training sessions based on department and role. Minimize manual tasks even more by automating the offboarding process, too.


TalentHR is a product of Epignosis, the company that over 11,000 businesses across the world trust for their HR and L&D needs.

All our products are built with the latest technology and share the same privacy principles. Your company data and employee information will stay safe with us!

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Understand how your organization works with rich reports.

Find out in a snap how your headcount changes over time, what your gender ratio is, how salaries range across departments, and more.

Plus, export reports when you want to analyze your data further and share insights with senior management.

Dive deep into people analytics
Keep all employee data in one place

Track hires, departures, and organizational changes without switching between platforms and spreadsheets.

Make sure team members and managers can easily find useful info about their coworkers, like contact details, working hours, and birthdays.

And keep sensitive data, like payroll information, protected.


Build a robust employee performance process so you know your people’s (and your organization’s) progress.

Go beyond raw data on KPIs and projects done. With feedback from employees and managers, you’ll foster a culture of open communication and continuous improvement. Set up online custom and regular review cycles, send automatic reminders, to nudge those who haven’t completed their form yet, and get actionable and objective insights.

Identify areas for growth, recognize—and reward—high-achievers, and pinpoint any disengaged staff. The comprehensive reports will give you real-time and historical info on your entire organization, ensuring your teams stay on track to reach their full potential.

Nurture your teams, boost their performance

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Make TalentHR truly yours by choosing your domain URL, logo, and color palette.

Get rid of impersonal, complex spreadsheets, and invite your people to an HR platform that looks and feels familiar.


Organize people operations without spending time on cumbersome tools, packed with features you don’t need and won’t use. Enjoy an intuitive, lightweight, and mobile-friendly HR system that’s built on the latest technologies, safeguards employee data, and gets the work done. A simple platform for your day-to-day HR needs.


With an intuitive design, employees will find their way around TalentHR in no time. And they’ll have the flexibility to update their profiles by themselves.

Which means less workload for you. And the less time you spend on tools, the more time you have to spend on what truly matters: your people.

Fairly priced

With all the core HR tasks taken care of, and an affordable and straightforward pricing plan, TalentHR is the perfect solution for scaling businesses.

Get an HR companion right out of the box without breaking the bank.

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