Start-up Morphoses elevates people operations and asset manage­ment with TalentHR

Read how the UK-based ed-tech company enhances operations and team engagement with an all-encompassing HR system

TalentHR: A fresh, intuitive tool

TalentHR has a user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, data-driven insights, and scalability that make it a must-have tool for any HR professional looking to enhance organizational efficiency and drive business success. I wholeheartedly endorse it and commend its contribution to the advancement of HR practices.

Pinelopi Z., HR Manager


LocationLondon, United Kingdom

IndustryEducational technology

Size of company11-50

About Morphoses

Morphoses is a London-based ed-tech company that transforms soft skills education for learners aged 6-17. Their platform offers captivating weekly one-hour sessions, where learners engage in group activities led by expert tutors to develop essential employability skills. As a start-up, it thrives on innovation, leveraging pop culture and cutting-edge educational theories to craft compelling learning experiences.

Morphoses places high importance on the well-being and engagement of its team, striving to create a strong and vibrant work culture for the people vital to helping the start-up achieve the company’s goals. From the outset, effective HR management was seen as essential, prompting the adoption of TalentHR to create a supportive environment for its employees.

The people operations challenge

As a new business, Morphoses initially managed HR tasks using traditional methods like spreadsheets, which soon proved insufficient as the company began to grow. The absence of a centralized system led to inefficiencies, consuming time that could have been better spent on strategic initiatives. Recognizing the need for a scalable solution early on—even before having an HR team in place—Morphoses adopted TalentHR to streamline everything from onboarding and remote work management to time off tracking and asset management.

Before I joined Morphoses, TalentHR was already in place, seamlessly integrated into our operations. I was immediately impressed by its efficiency and user-friendliness, which perfectly complemented our dynamic work environment.

Pinelopi saysTalentHR

Why did Morphoses choose TalentHR?

Choosing TalentHR was straightforward for its simplicity and effectiveness. The HR software’s comprehensive features, like robust employee profiling and asset management, met Morphoses’ needs perfectly. TalentHR’s time off tracking tool and custom leave categories are tailored for Morphoses’ diverse team.

At the same time, the calendar view functionality has been handy for the leadership team to stay informed of office activities and team availability while traveling.

A quick start with TalentHR

Morphoses introduces TalentHR to its employees during onboarding to help them familiarize themselves with the platform from the very start. The HR system’s intuitive design and straightforward functionality cater to its diverse workforce, including a core team working in a hybrid model from the office and others remotely abroad.

This allows all employees to handle their HR tasks easily and ensures a smooth integration into their daily routines, whether in the office or working from afar.

I am amazed at how responsive TalentHR’s customer support is. Having someone answer my questions immediately is reassuring because I know that if I encounter any issues, they will guide me through them efficiently.

Pinelopi notesTalentHR

Day-to-day use of TalentHR at Morphoses

TalentHR simplifies daily operations at Morphoses by facilitating HR tasks like employee profiling, document storage, leave management, and asset tracking. The platform enables real-time updates and seamless communication, which is essential for an active team spread across different locations.

Employees and HR professionals appreciate the autonomy and easy access to information through a digital platform. Additionally, the TalentHR mobile app is particularly valued for its convenience, allowing team members to update and access information flexibly on the go.

Our day-to-day operations have become significantly more efficient with TalentHR. Accessing employee information from my phone quickly has been a game-changer.

Pinelopi addsTalentHR

The results

Straightforward administrative processes: Automation has significantly reduced manual HR tasks, freeing up time for other priorities.

Improved Data Management: Centralized data storage and custom fields in employee profiles have enhanced accuracy and made it easier to access information tailored to Morphoses’ specific business needs.

Enhanced Employee Experience: The platform’s user-friendly interface on the web and mobile app simplifies how employees manage their professional and personal data.

Efficient Asset Management: TalentHR’s asset management functionality enables effective tracking of company equipment, such as laptops and other types of hardware, ensuring everything is correctly accounted for.

Adaptive Work Environment Management: TalentHR supports both in-office and remote team members efficiently, catering to the diverse needs of Morphoses’ international workforce.