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From employee hiring and onboarding…

Straightforward hiring

Focus on attracting and employing the best. Quickly generate thorough job descriptions with the help of AI, then advertise the role on a custom careers page. Define clear hiring stages, move candidates through the process in just one click, and welcome your new hires on board.

Straightforward hiring
Automated tasks

Automated tasks

When everyone’s focused on work, your new hires shouldn’t feel isolated or keep waiting for instructions. Create reusable automated onboarding tasks to welcome your people with a well-structured schedule for their first days. Now you can sit back as the list is checked off and the cogs keep turning.

Onboarding training

Set your people on the path to success. Partner your TalentLMS training hub with TalentHR and assign training from day 1, without switching platforms or relying on lengthy, on-the-job learning.

Onboarding training


So easy anyone can use it. And with self-service profiles, everyone will. Place your (new and existing) team members in charge of their details for effortless data entry.

…through talent management…

Employee performance

Coach the best out of your people to build loyalty and trust. Gather reviews, provide feedback, and set goals to steer your employees toward successful career growth.

Employee performance

Time off tracking

Managing PTO and everyone’s calendar can be a drag. So take time off from time tracking with easy one-click requests and approvals.

…to organizational growth

People analytics

Plan your org’s growth with insight into both the makeup of your people and remuneration levels with easy-to-read graphs and tables.

People analytics

Org directory

Put names to faces, without putting a date in the diary. View your roster as a chart, and keep everyone organized and connected.

And it’s all yours!


Your org has its own identity and TalentHR won’t replace it. Tweak the platform’s appearance to match your brand and your specific ways of working.


Manage your people ops with TalentHR. Manage to do even more with seamless integrations by combining people ops with your favorite work apps.

With security to shut data in and a price that won’t shut you out.

Modern tech and security

Built on the lightest and latest tech, your new HRIS won’t slow down. And, with stringent security measures, your data stays yours.


For start-ups, for smaller companies… for everyone. Designed to be fair from the ground up, TalentHR offers one accessible price plan.

Take TalentHR on the go

Connect your people with your org no matter if they’re commuting, on the road, or WFH. TalentHR is designed responsively, so all app features work on the devices your employees always have with them.

Take TalentHR on the go

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